Academy Jonas Policy Scholar Application

2019 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar Application

Download the 2019 Jonas Policy Scholar Application


Launched in 2014, the Jonas Policy Scholars program, generously funded by Jonas Philanthropies, supports early-career scholars seeking to shape nursing practice, education, and research policy. The Academy Jonas Policy Scholars program is a two-year fellowship program in which up to six highly-qualified doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, or recent doctoral graduates (within 2 years of graduation) in nursing will be selected to learn about the policy work of the Academy while they advance their own career goals in areas aligning with the Academy’s policy priorities. The three components of the Jonas Policy Scholar program are mentoring, policy, and engagement. It is this three-pronged approach that makes this program unique.

 The 2019-2020 Academy Jonas Policy Scholars will begin in early October 2019. Notifications will be sent mid-September 2019

Benefits for the Scholar 


  • Receives 12 one-hour mentoring sessions from Academy Policy Leaders within the NPMC by phone or video conferencing.
  • Receives 12 one-hour policy lectures from Academy Policy Leaders within the NPMC/Guest Lectures via video conferencing.


  • Opportunity to write, research, and strategize with Academy policy staff to advance policy priorities through policy statements, comments, and briefs.
  • Lead one Peer-to-Peer on Policy session


  • Attend two policy conferences of the American Academy of Nursing and the Institute for Nursing Leadership Workshop and Luncheon in Washington, DC
  • Attend a three-day immersion program created solely for the Scholars

Responsibilities of the Scholar 

  • Attend all 24 mentoring/lecture sessions
  • Fulfill all assignments provided by the Academy staff
  • Thoughtfully develop one Peer-to-Peer on Policy session
  • Fully attend the respective two policy conferences: 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • Fully attend a three-day immersion program
  • Write a final report detailing participant experience and information learned
  • Provide one seminar/lecture at the Scholar’s school or workplace (if applicable) sharing the Scholar’s Experience and motivating others to engage in policy
  • Participate in a Jonas Nursing and Veterans Health (JNVH) webinar to disseminate learning to JNVH scholars nationally (Cohort presentation)

 Expected time commitment is approximately 16-20 hours per month.

 Selection Criteria for the Program

  1. Applicant is a nurse and doctoral (PhD or DNP) student, post-doctoral fellow, or recent graduate from a doctoral nursing program or doctoral program in related field (within two-years) at time of submission, residing in the U.S. and willing to make a two-year commitment to the Academy Jonas Policy Scholars program. Applicants who are current or former Jonas Scholars are preferred. However, former Academy Jonas Policy Scholars are not eligible.
  2. Evidence of scholarship potential (e.g., history of presentations at professional meetings, multi authored publications, and receipt of honors, awards, or fellowships).
  3. Doctoral student applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale).
  4. Evidence of leadership potential (e.g., prior leadership experience in organizations such as the National Student Nurses’ Association, experience leading initiatives as a student or in work settings, participation in policy-related initiatives).
  5. Must be sponsored by a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.
  6. Match between applicant’s interest area and at least one healthcare issue addressed as part of the 2019-2020 Academy Policy Priorities.

Application Process

Complete and submit the following as a single PDF to Sonya Desai, Policy Assistant, by August 30, 2019 at

  1. The Academy Jonas Policy Scholar program application form (attached);
  2. Applicant’s curriculum vitae;
  3. A letter of support from a current Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing addressing applicant’s potential and commitment to the mission of the Academy.

Download the 2019 Jonas Policy Scholar Application

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