National Academy of Medicine Fellowship Program

This two-year Fellowship program exclusively designed for AAN Fellows to maintain their current position, while serving on a designated board at NAM will further facilitate the dissemination of nursing knowledge and expertise in key discussions that will impact health policy at the national level. NAM boards include; Child, Youth, and Families; Food and Nutrition; Global Health; Health Care Services; Health Sciences Policy; and Population Health and Public Health Practice.

The AAN NAM Fellow will be immersed in a unique learning environment offered at NAM, paired with an elected NAM member for mentorship, and will be awarded a flexible research grant of $25,000 for the two-year period, which will be paid to their home institution to help advance the individual’s professional development. AAN NAM Fellows will be actively involved in producing reports and relevant study products while engaging with legislators, government officials, industry leaders, executives, scientists, and other health profession experts.

National Academy of Medicine Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM)’s Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence program provides a year-long residential leadership opportunity in health policy in Washington, DC. Designed for mid-career professionals, this immersion experience supports engagement of nurse leaders in a prominent role in health policy at the national level and facilitates their interaction with other health fellows and scholars. The American Academy of Nursing (Academy), the American Nurses Association (ANA), and the American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation), in partnership with NAM, support this program. The program seeks individuals who have the capacity and skills to generate policy attention for issues of special interest and the ability to promote greater public understanding. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Jonas Policy Scholars Program

Launched in 2014, the Jonas Policy Scholars program, generously funded by Jonas Philanthropies, supports early-career scholars seeking to shape nursing practice, education, and research policy. The Academy Jonas Policy Scholars program is a two-year fellowship program in which up to six highly-qualified doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, or recent doctoral graduates (within 2 years of graduation) in nursing will be selected to learn about the policy work of the Academy while they advance their own career goals in areas aligning with the Academy’s policy priorities. The three components of the Jonas Policy Scholar program are mentoring, policy, and engagement. It is this three-pronged approach that makes this program unique.