The American Academy of Nursing supports the President's Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) as an innovative approach to improve health that strives for personalized prevention and disease management strategies aimed at ultimately bettering the lives of individuals and families while improving health outcomes.

The Academy's position is consistent with its support of nurse leaders who are practicing and preparing a diverse nursing workforce to develop and utilize knowledge generated through the PMI. Nurses bring an essential role to the PMI. Nurses are essential members of interprofessional teams across various settings with diverse populations. This makes nurses ideally suited to communicate, integrate and advance research, clinical practice, technology, and policies needed for individualized care, while keeping patients and their families as a central priority. 

An Academy white paper entitled Nurses Transforming Health Care Using Genetics and Genomics was developed in 2009 highlighting the unique perspective nurses bring to the delivery of health care in the areas of genetics/genomics.

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