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How to Add effective Arguments in An Argumentative Essay? Guide 2021



Arguments! Not all your arguments are as good as you think they are.

Everyone faces a time where they think that they write my paper have made a brilliant point, only for it to be shot down and you are left thinking about what you did wrong.

Well, I can tell you what to do right! Especially in an argumentative essay where arguments need to be iron tight and highly convincing. So, let me get you acquainted with the dos and don’ts here.


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Tip #1: Think Logically

It is important that you always remember this tip. Especially in this type of essay.

Your argument is pretty much invalid if you do not think logically.

The argument should make sense to your readers and for that logic must prevail. Your custom essay writer should impress readers. After all, it is written for them, isn’t it?


Tip #2: Do Not be Emotional

There are times when you can use emotional arguments but this is not that time.

This type of essay leaves no room for you to get emotional, I’m afraid. You can do that in a persuasive essay but not this one.

Emotional arguments generally tend to be weak as well and not nearly as effective as logical arguments so try to listen to your mind, not your heart.


Tip #3: Provide Evidence

The easiest way to convince your readers that you are right is to just give evidence.

State a fact, provide some statistics, cite a research paper. Anything.

Just tell them that your own argument is backed by others as well. Other experts of course. 

The evidence that you provide must come from a legit source or else it will just weaken your argument.


Tip #4: Don’t Make Vague Statements

You need to be very, very specific about the things you write in your essay.

Making vague statements just shows that you don’t know enough about your topic to be talking about it. It takes away your credibility and that weakens your entire argument. If you need help you can ask a writer to paper writing service.

Why would anyone believe you if they think that you are not qualified to talk about the topic at hand?


Tip #5: Address the Opposition

Some essays have a paragraph that is put before the conclusion. This paragraph addresses the opposition and the points they are making.

These points will be against your narrative and it is your job to prove them wrong.

That’s right. You will tell your readers that this is what the opposition says but they are wrong because of the following reasons. Then just list the reasons.


Tip #6: Don’t be Evasive

This is true for the entire essay but most importantly when it comes to addressing the points of the opposition.

If you think that you can’t respond to the opposition then just don’t include their perspective.

But if you do address them then be direct and refute their points one by one. Don’t leave anything out.


Tip #7: Give Examples

You see, there is a difference between an example and evidence.

An example can come from anywhere, including your own personal experience.

You can tell a story that became popular in the media and that will act as an example. Examples are used to give a personal touch to your essay to helps to write my essay and convince readers of your perspective.

So, use them when you get the chance.


Just follow these steps…

And you should have no trouble with your arguments. In case you do, then well, online options such as an essay writing service are always available to you. So, you can get help at any hour of the day, or night.

Just get an essay written to understand how things work.

It’s as simple as that.


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