Wise Health Decisions

Wise Health Decisions

Serving Reducing Health Care Costs by Improving Self-Care Decisions and Lifestyle Behaviors of Employees

Background & Goal

Chronic diseases account for more than 70% of health care costs, and many are associated with modifiable lifestyle decisions. Research demonstrates that an on-going positive relationship with a health-care provider who can individualize teaching and coaching is among the primary drivers of improved self-care decisions and lifestyle behaviors. This is of particular interest to employers, who often cover a large share of those costs and employees who have increasing co-payments or high deductible health plans.

The primary goals of Wise Health Decisions® are to promote self-care decisions and lifestyle behaviors that improve or maintain health, prevent or delay the occurrence of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity, and enhance control of chronic conditions and prevents or delay complications, in concert with medical management.

Center Description

Wise Health Decisions® (WHD) is an innovative self-care management wellness program conducted by RNs built around Wise Health Decisions® Worksite Wellness Clinics. These RN’s identify employees with or at risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity, and give feedback about outcomes of changes they have made. Individualized teaching/coaching services are based on screening results conducted at each appointment. Monthly bilingual health newsletters on a single topic, are included in payroll envelopes or electronically.

Evidence of Success

  • Significant reduction in claims and lower health premium increases have occurred during years when there were no substantial changes in the health plan or employee reduction.
  • Significant reduction in risk levels across blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight measures that are sustained over time.
  • Return-on-investment for clients; using cost-avoidance estimates and claims data, is for every $1 spent on WHD, $3-$7 is saved in the initial year.
  • 56% - 91% of employees (77% average) voluntarily use the Wellness Clinic, without company incentives; 95%-99% participate with an incentive program.

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