Edge Runner Profiles

  10 Steps to Promote and Protect Human Milk and Breastfeeding in Vulnerable Infants

Diane L. Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN

  11th Street Family Health Services

Patricia Gerrity, PhD, RN, FAAN

A Caring Science Model of Specialized Dementia Care for Transforming Practice and Advancing Health Equity

María de los Ángeles Ortega (formerly Ordóñez), DNP, APRN, GNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, CDP, FAANP, FAAN

  Accountable Community of Health

Billie Lynn Allard, MS, RN

  Aging in Place Project

Marilyn Rantz, PhD, RN, FAAN

  The American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy

Karen Cox, PhD, RN, FAAN
Susan R. Lacey, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Angel Eye Web-Camera System

Sarah Rhoads, PhD, DNP, WHNP-BC

  Arkansas Aging Initiative

Claudia J. Beverly, PhD, RN, FAAN


Canines Providing Assistance to Wounded Warriors (C-P.A.W.W.)
       Cheryl Krause-Parello, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Caregiver Skills Building Intervention (CSBI)

Carol J. Farran, DNSc, RN, FAAN

  Centering Healthcare Institute

Sharon Schindler Rising, CNM, MSN

  The Chicago Parent Program

Deborah Gross, DNSc, RN, FAAN
Susan Breitenstein, PhD, RN, FAAN
Christine Garvey, PhD, RN
Wrenetha Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN

  Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes

Nancy Donaldson, DNS, RN, FAAN
Diane Storer Brown, PhD, RN, FNAHQ, FAAN


Community Aging in Place: Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE)
        Sarah Szanton, PhD, ANP, FAAN

  Community Health Education, Advocacy, and Empowerment: Promotores de la Salud

Connie Vance, EdD, RN, FAAN
Mary Healey-Sedutto, MPA, PhD

  Complex Care Center

Lauran Hardin, MSN, RN-BC, CNL

  Coping Skills Training

Margaret Grey, DrPH, RN, FAAN

  Creating Opportunities for Parent Empowerment (COPE)

Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FAAN, FNAP

  Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment (COPE) for Children, Teens, and College Age Students

Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FAAN, FNAP


Antonia M. Villaruel, PhD, FAAN
Loretta Sweet Jemmott, PhD, RN, FAAN

Danger Assessment: An Instrument to Help Abused Women Assess Their Risk of Homicide

Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Family Health and Birth Center in the Developing Families Center

Ruth Watson Lubic, EdD, RN, CNM, FAAN

  Family Practice and Counseling Network

Donna Torrisi, MSN, CRNP

  Family Presence During Invasive Procedures and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Cathie Guzzetta, PhD, RN, FAAN
Angela Clark, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA

Farm Dinner Theatre

Deborah B. Reed, PhD, MSPH, RN, FAAOHN, FAAN

  The Harambee Nursing Center

Kay T. Roberts, EdD, MSN, ARNP, FAAN

  The Harriet Lane Compassionate Care Program

Cynda Hylton Rushton PhD, RN, FAAN

  Improving the Accuracy of Linear Growth Assessment in Children

Terri Lipman, PhD, CRNP, FAAN
Karen D. Hench, MS, RN

  INSIGHTS Into Children's Temperament

Sandee McClowry, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Integrated Health Care (IHC)

Judith Storfjell, Phd, RN, FAAN


Interprofessional Practice at the Vine School Health Center: A School-Based Nurse-Managed Clinic
        Nan M. Gaylord, PhD, RN, CPNP- PC, PMHS, FAANP, FAAN

  Kentucky Racing Health Services Center

Whitney Nash, PhD, APRN
Sara Robertson, DNP, APRN, FNP

  Living Independently for Elders Center (LIFE)

Eileen M. Sullivan-Marx, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Los trastornos del sueño y la promoción del sueño saludable

Carol M. Baldwin, PhD, RN, CHTP, CT, AHN-BC, FAAN
Cipriana Caudillo Cisneros, MS, RN 
Luxana Reynaga Ornelas, PhD, MSN, RN

  Making Transitional Care More Effective & Efficient

Mary D. Naylor, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Mantram Repetition Program: Mind-Body-Spiritual Approach to Symptom and Stress Management

Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Mental Health Integration at Intermountain Healthcare, UT

Brenda Reiss-Brennan, PhD, APRN

  The Mount Sinai Primary Care Hepatitis C Clinical and Research Program

Donald Gardenier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN
Jeffrey J. Weiss, PhD, MS

National University Nurse Managed Clinic

Gloria J. McNeal, PhD, MSN, ACNS-BC, FAAN
Arneta Finney, PhD, APRN, FNP-C, APWHc, CNL
Angela Williams, PhD, FNP-C, APRN, CNL
Patricia L. Humbles, PhD, RN (Ret.)

  Nurse Managed Health Centers

Tine Hansen-Turton, FAAN
Joanne M. Pohl, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN

  Nurse-Family Partnership

Harriet Kitzman, PhD, RN, FAAN

  On Lok Senior Health Services

Jennie Chin Hansen, MS, RN, FAAN

  One Year Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency

Colleen J. Goode, PhD, RN, FAAN, NEA-BC
Cathleen Krsek, MSN, MBA, RN, FAAN

  Oral Care in Mechanically Ventilated Adults


  Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice Program

Judith Haber, PhD, APRN, FAAN
Erin Hartnett, DNP, PNPPC-BC, CPNP

  Perioperative Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program

Susan M. Scott, MSN, RN, WOCN

  Quality Improvement Program for Missouri (QIPMO)

Marilyn J. Rantz, PhD, RN, FAAN

  Quiet4Healthy Farm

Marjorie McCullagh, PhD, RN, APHN-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN, FAAN


Reducing Depressive Symptoms & Enhancing Parenting in Low-Income & Newly-Immigrated Mothers of Infants & Toddlers
         Linda S. Beeber, PhD, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN

  RightCare Solutions

Kathryn H. Bowles, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI

  Senior ASSIST

Diane McGee, MSN, RN


Graham J. McDougall, Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA

  Special Care Unit for the Critically Ill

Barbara Daly, PhD, RN, FAAN

Suicide Prevention in Nursing: Breaking the Silence

Judy E. Davidson, DNP, RN, MCCM, FAAN

  Talking Circle Intervention

John Lowe, PhD, RN, FAAN

  TelEmergency: Distance Emergency Care Using Nurse Practitioners

Kristi Henderson, MSN, FAEN

  Tobacco Free Nurses

Linda Sarna, PhD, RN, FAAN
Stella Aguinaga Bialous, DrPH, RN, FAAN

  Training in the Assessment of Depression

Ellen L. Brown, EdD, RN

  Transforming Care at Bedside

Susan B. Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN
Patricia Rutherford, MS, RN

  Transforming the Alzheimer's Experience with an App: Dementia Guide Expert

Valerie Gruss, PD, APRN, GNP-BC, FAAN

UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care (ADC) Program

Leslie Chang Evertson, GNP-BC
Mihae Kim, AGPCNP-BC
Michelle Panlilio, GNP-BC
Kelsey Stander, AGNP-BC

  Wise Health Decisions

Nancy E. Dayhoff, EdD, RN, CNS
Patricia S. Moore, MSN, RN, CNS, CDE