Edge Runner Application


The Edge Runners initiative recognizes nurse-designed models of care and interventions that impact cost, improve healthcare quality, and enhance consumer satisfaction. Through its Edge Runners program, the Academy recognizes the nursing profession’s contributions to new, innovative ideas that transform the health system. The stories that accompany these incredible designs underscore the leadership, ingenuity, and determination of nurses. Edge Runners represent the powerful connection nurses have to the healthcare system, the public, and society as they mark the essence of the profession – science and compassion. 

The Academy is accepting applications for Edge Runner models through January 31, 2022. Applicants should expect to receive a notification on their application’s status in Spring 2022. Models that are selected to be recognized as Edge Runners will be recognized at the 2022 Health Policy Conference. Fellowship in the Academy is NOT a requirement to apply.


Successful models that meet the criteria to be designated as an Edge Runner demonstrate:

  • A high level of evidence of efficacy or effectiveness on clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, and community outcomes;
  • Policy implications (impact supported a change(s) in health policy at the local, regional, national, or global level);
  • Sustainability (uptake beyond a research study pilot project or demonstration) and evidence that the innovation is integrated in policy or practice (e.g. practice guidelines, research policy, health policy, becomes standard of care); and
  • Replication by institutions and communities (e.g. beyond the research or demonstration site)

Application Process:

The application must be submitted by January 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET. Applications must be submitted through the application link to be considered. Applicants may be asked to participate in a Zoom interview with members of the Edge Runners National Advisory Council to provide additional context or clarification about one’s model. Should an interview be requested, participation is required in order for an application to advance through the review process.  

Please note that for this submission cycle, the Academy will not be granting Emerging Edge Runner status. 

Learn More and Apply

If you have any questions about the application or the application process, please contact Lauren Inouye at linouye@aannet.org.