Racism Affects Health and Wellness

Racism Affects Health & Wellness

The American Academy of Nursing (Academy) mourns the death of George Floyd and stands with those across the country calling for action to change structures and policies that have enabled and permitted senseless violence to occur. His death, and
those of others before him, is a tragic reminder of the stark inequities and systemic racism that persist today. Violence, discrimination, and racism have a direct impact on determinants of health, exacerbate health inequities, and can lead to long-term trauma.

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Coronavirus Resource Page

Coronavirus Resource Page

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Academy's requests and focus has been centered on the following requests:

(1) Protect our most vulnerable populations;
(2) Support nurses and healthcare providers; and
(3) Increase access, scale, speed and accuracy of testing.

Visit the resource page for further information on the Academy's actions, resources, and federal actions.

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Each dollar raised directly supports the Academy's mission of transforming health policy and practice through nursing knowledge. We are proud to acknowledge the generosity of our supporters and their commitment to the Academy. 

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Nurses Month 2020

As the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife continues, Academy Living Legends, Fellows, and leadership offer their hopes for the future so that the impact of nursing leadership, innovation, and science will continue to advance health equity to usher in meaningful change.

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