Academy Supporters

Each dollar raised directly supports the Academy's mission of transforming health policy and practice through nursing knowledge. We are grateful as we acknowledge the generosity of our supporters and their commitment to the Academy. The Academy's board is proud to report that they have a 100% giving participation, at the President's Circle level and above, among all board members. Click here to learn about our supporter benefits. If you would like to support the Academy, please consider donating to the Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund at the level that is meaningful to you.

The list below recognizes supporters who have generously made gifts from January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020:

Rheba de Tornyay Fund Supporters

Vision Society
This society recognizes fellows who have generously donated a total of $25,000 or more over the past 10 years.
Bobbie Berkowitz
Linda Burnes Bolton
Colleen Conway-Welch
Karen S. Cox
Ada Sue Hinshaw
Angela McBride
Pamela H. Mitchell
Jeannine M. Rivet

Founders' Circle Members


Linda Burnes Bolton

Leadership Circle

$2,500 to $4,999

President's Circle Members

$1,000 to $2,499

Clara L. Adams-Ender
Jose Alejandro
Linda Amankwaa
Marilyn J. Dodd
Julie A. Fairman
Margaret A. Fitzgerald
Kate FitzPatrick
Catherine L. Gilliss

Mary M. Gullatte
Susan B. Hassmiller
Janie Heath
Mary Katherine Hutchinson
Mary Jo Jerde
Linda Laskowski Jones
David M. Keepnews
Beverly Malone

Nena Peragallo Montano
Julie C. Novak
Beth Ann Swan
Katherine Kenny
Diana J. Mason
Linda S. Schwartz

$500 to $999

Virginia W. Adams
Penny K. Jenson

$250 to $499

Debra Bakerjian
Diane C. Berry
Nancy T. Browne
Cara Krulewitch
Bernardine M. Lacey
Suzanne Miyamoto

Wanda Montalvo
Linda D. Norman
Freida H. Outlaw
Vincent Salyers
Rachel F. Schiffman

$25 to $249

Linda Aiken
Myrna L. Armstrong
Carol M. Baldwin
Marjorie V. Batey
Anne Bavier
Judy A. Beal
Nancy I. Bergstrom
Amy J. Berman
Diane M. Billings
Kathleen A. Bower
Linda J. Brown
Wendy C. Budin
Lora E. Burke
Maureen Burns
Karin Cadwell
Karen S. Cox
Cecelia L. Crawford
Robin B. Dail
Karen A. Daley
Christi Deaton
Nancy O. DeBasio
Holli A. DeVon
Norman Dixon
Karen N. Drenkard
Elizabeth Fildes
Anne Fish
Elizabeth J. Forbes
Barbara B. Frink
Mattia J. Gilmartin
Cathie E. Guzzetta
Barbara J. Hatcher
June A. Horowitz
Patricia K. Howard
Robin T. Klar
Karren E. Kowalski
Heidi V. Krowchuk
Susan R. Lacey
Ramon L. Lavandero
Colleen A. Leners
Sandra B. Lewenson
Rana Limbo
Myrna E. Mamaril
E. Jane Martin
Kathleen M. McCauley
Jeri A. Milstead
Kymberlee Montgomery
Debra K. Moser
Madeline A. Naegle
Marilyn H. Oermann
Barbara J. Polivka
Susan M. Rawl
Nancy E. Reame
Patricia Reid Ponte
Kerri A. Scanlon
Wanda Spurlock
Lori Trego
Madeline Wake
Mary K. Walton
Joan I. Warren
Michael T. Weaver
Elizabeth Winslow
Kelly A. Wolgast
Margarete L. Zalon
Phyllis A. Zimmer