EP Quality Health Care

Expert Panel on Quality Health Care

The Expert Panel on Quality Health Care motivates progress among policy leaders and influences at the international, national and state levels to articulate and promote nursing's contributions to defining and measuring elements of quality health care, while also providing new models of high quality, safe and efficacious health care services.

Inaugural Year: 1999

Ronda Hughes, PhD, MHS, RN, FAAN
Senior Director, Professional Practice
American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL)

Vice Chair:
Marjorie M. Godfrey, PhD, MS, BSN, FAAN
Research Professor, Department of Nursing, University of New Hampshire
Executive Director of the Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems

Board Liaison: Ching-Min Chen

Staff Liaison: Justin Cowling

Previous Chairs: AkkeNeel Talsma (2020-2022), Eileen Lake (2019-2020), Marianne Baernholdt (2018-2019), Diane Boyle (2017-2018), Amy Barton (2016-2017), Kathleen White (2015-2016), Dori Sullivan (2014-2015), Bonnie Jennings (2002-2007), Gerri Lamb (1999), Pamela Mitchell (1999) 

The members of the Quality Health Care Expert Panel are experts in quality health care policy, research, measurement, and practice and Academy members interested in these topics. The mission of the panel is to influence national policy and research relevant to achieving quality healthcare for Americans. The Expert Panel has focused on advancing research and performance measures that reflect nursing’s contributions to health care quality and safety outcomes.


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