EP Nursing Theory-Guided Practice

Expert Panel on Nursing Theory-Guided Practice

The Expert Panel on Nursing Theory-Guided Practice seeks to advance disciplinary knowledge articulated in nursing frameworks and theories that reflect a philosophical orientation to humanity, and an ethical approach to health care. This disciplinary knowledge is the foundation for transforming health policy and health care delivery systems.

Inaugural Year: 2001

Karen Sousa, RN, PhD, FAAN
Professor, Caritas Coach
University of Colorado

Vice Chair:
Chantal Cara, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAN

Full Professor, Faculty of Nursing
Université de Montréal

Board Liaison: Nancy Redeker

Staff Liaisons: Justin Cowling, Madeleine Rohrbach

Previous Chairs: Marlaine Smith (2020-2021), Jane Flanagan (2019-2020), Danny Willis (2018-2019), Maggie Pharris (2017-2018), Marian Turkel (2016-2017), Richard Cowling (2015-2016), Barbara Wright, Sister Callista Roy, Dorothy Jones, Rosemarie Rizzo Parse (2001-2008)


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