EP Informatics and Technology

Expert Panel on Informatics and Technology

The Expert Panel on Informatics and Technology gathers health policy data and information advises and represents the Academy on issues related to: health information management, implementation of informatics and technology through EHRs and PHRs (Electronic and Personal Health Records), HIPAA, patient safety initiatives, consumer and personal health, workforce issues and training, bioterrorism and bio surveillance, evidence-based practice, clinical decision support and other areas of concern related to the use of informatics and technology in nursing education, practice and research.

Inaugural Year: 2002

Mollie Cummins, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI
Associate Dean for Research and the PhD Program and Professor
University of Utah College of Nursing

Vice Chair:
Rosemary Kennedy, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

Principal and Chief Strategist
eCare Informatics, LLC

Co-Chair Appointee:
Jane Carrington, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Professor for Cognitive Science, Associate Professor for Nursing
University of Arizona College of Nursing

Board LiaisonPamela R. Jeffries

Staff Liaison: Sonya Desai

Previous Chairs: Susan McBride (2019), Ellen Harper (2018-2019)Gail M. Keenan (2017-2018), Jane Englebright (2016-2017), Michelle Troseth (2015-2016), Thomas Clancy (2014-2015), Kathyrn Bowles (2012-2013), Gail Latimer (2012), Bonnie Wesorick (2011), Diane S. Pravikoff (2005), Kathleen Malloch (2005), Ida Androwich (2002), Virginia Saba (2002)

The mission of this panel is to be on the cutting edge of informatics and technology in order to influence national priorities such as ‘meaningful use’ in the context of health care reform. The investment of ARRA funds in informatics and technology has increased the impact and involvement of the informatics expert panel members in national leadership, policy, practice, education and research agendas. Members of this panel sit at key policy tables at the national level and have been nominated to represent the Academy in both legislative and regulatory arenas. The panel also enhances the use and advances the mission of other expert panels where increasingly informatics and technology are relevant. Many members of this Expert Panel are connected to multiple inter-professional organizations impacting technology and informatics and bring diverse expertise back to the Academy. The panel educates Academy members and leadership about the relationship of informatics and technology to topics such as: patient safety, quality care monitoring, workforce development, HIPAA, healthcare management, implementation of informatics and technology through EHRs and PHRs (Electronic and Personal Health Records), biosurviellance and bioterrorism, consumer and personal health, clinical decision support and evidence-based practice.


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