EP Breastfeeding

Expert Panel on Breastfeeding

The Expert Panel on Breastfeeding serves as the key catalyst for innovations in research, education policy regarding the use of human milk and breastfeeding.

Inaugural Year: 2002

Eric Hodges, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN
Associate Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing

Vice Chair:
Diane L. Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN

Professor of Perinatal Nursing & The Helen M. Shearer Professor of Nutrition
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Board Liaison: Versie Mallard Johnson

Staff Liaison: Madeleine Rohrbach

Previous Chairs: JoAnne Silbert-Flagg (2020-2022), Elizabeth Reifsnider (2019-2020), Jeannette Crenshaw (2018-2019), Emily Drake (2017-2018), Joan Dodgson (2016-2017), Diane Spatz (2009-2016), Paula Meier (2007), Linda Pugh (2007), Pamela Dee Hill (2006), Sharron S. Humenick (2006), Maureen Groer (2005), Gene Cranston Anderson (2003-2005) 

The lack of breastfeeding in the United States is a public health crisis. Today only 13% of US children receive exclusive human milk for the first 6 months despite the recommendation by organizations worldwide that all infants receive exclusive human milk for 6 months.

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