EP Acute and Critical Care

Expert Panel on Acute & Critical Care

The Expert Panel on Acute and Critical Care focuses on informing health policy and practices related to acute and critical care. Goals are achieved by the creation and dissemination of knowledge related to the practice and care of acute or critically ill patients, their health care environment, and treatment processes.

Inaugural Year: 2005

Jan Odom-Forren, PhD, RN, CPAN, FASPAN, FAAN
Associate Professor
University of Kentucky College of Nursing

Vice Chair:
Vallire Hooper PhD, RN, CPAN, FASPAN, FAAN

Senior Nurse Scientist

Board Liaison: Karen Drenkard

Staff Liaison: Madeleine Rohrbach

Previous Chairs: Lola Coke (2020-2022), Judy Verger (2019-2020), Hilaire Thompson (2018-2019), Karen Reuter-Rice (2017-2018), Cynthia Arslanian-Engoren (2016-2017); Linda Chlan (2015-2016); Ruth M. Kleinpell (2005-2007)   


The Acute and Critical Care Expert Panel was established to inform health policy and influence relevant issues related to acute and critical care. Members of the panel have diverse areas of expertise to provide leadership and expert opinion on a variety of issues. The panel facilitates networking, and fosters research and scholarship among members. It also promotes exchange of information and ideas with other nursing and professional groups. Opportunities for future projects include integration of technology into practice to promote quality and safety, identification of care delivery models that incorporate and maximize the advanced practice nurse role, and addressing futile and/or palliative care issues as they relate to care of the acute or critically ill patient.


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