2011 Policy Conference

38th Annual Meeting & Conference



Conference Objectives:

  • Frame nursing’s long-standing contribution to health promotion as a critical component of health reform;
  • Showcase evidence-based innovations in health promotion across the lifespan for their relevance in meeting public need;
  • Evaluate ways that health promotion can infuse and direct local, regional, and national policy agendas; and
  • Stimulate ideas for expanding research and innovation in health promotion.

Conference Materials:

2011 Pre-Conference

Performance Measurement: Strategic Imperatives for Nursing

The 2011 Pre-Conference examines the strategic imperatives for performance measurement and highlights the need for policy and positions that benefit from the insight and expertise of Academy experts on quality.

2011 Pre-Conference Objectives:

  • Identifying critical issues and gaps in performance measures required to demonstrate nursing’s contributions to quality, safety, costs, and outcomes;
  • Examining the state of performance measures for care coordination and outcomes across the care continuum and recommendations for future development; and 
  • Analyzing sources of demand and key stakeholders for Academy policy/positions related to performance measurement across the continuum of care.

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