2005 Policy Conference

32nd Annual Meeting & Conference 

Shaping Healthier Behaviors & Environments

November 10 - 12, 2005
Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch
Scottsdale, AZ 

Conference Summary and Highlights

Thank you for helping make the American Academy of Nursing's 2005 Annual Meeting and Conference, "Shaping Healthy Behaviors and Environments," a huge success! A monograph summary of this conference will be published in the coming year. Following are the highlights of our 2005 conference:

Meeting Attendance

We had 720 attendees at this year's meeting. Here is a breakdown of participants:

Fellows 473

  • Emeritus Fellows 30
  • Honorary Fellows 2
  • Lifetime Fellows 8
  • Living Legends 12
  • Fellows 421

Non-Fellows 247

  • Emerging Leaders 64
  • Speakers 9
  • Exhibitors 23
  • Poster Presenters 48
      4 scholars of the Hartford Grant Building Geriatric Nursing Capacity Program
      19 Fellows of the Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Program
  • Affiliates 2
  • Non-Fellows 101 (including 60 New Fellow Inductees)

Saturday Banquet Attendance: 880

Attendee Roster

Board of Directors Annual Report

Business Meeting Highlights: 

During the November 2005 Annual Business Meeting, many topics were discussed and the following motions were passed for action:

  • The Bylaws Committee to create a category of international Fellows, while working with the Expert Panel on Global Nursing and Health for the criteria.
  • The Expert Panel on Global Nursing and Health white paper to be shared with Fellowship for action and adoption.
  • A new Fellow Selection Task Force, including a representative from the Bylaws Committee, the Fellow Selection Committee, and an Informatics expert, to be created to examine the current fellow selection process for consideration of putting the selection process back in the hands of the full Fellowship via electronic method.

The Board has appointed and charged the above groups with their actions and reporting requirements.

Letters to Margretta Styles

Thank you to those of you who took a moment to write special get well letters to Dr. Margretta Styles before her recent passing. Please know that immediately following the conference, Dr. Pat Yoder-Wise made a special trip to FedEx the letters to Dr. Styles' home in Clearwater, where her son Mike received them and read many of them to her at her bedside. In her last hours, even with her weakness, she was aware and expressed how happy she was to hear these letters. Dr. Yoder-Wise wishes to thank everybody again for the gift that Dr. Styles valued the most-knowing that her life had real meaning in nursing. Copies of these letters will remain in ANCC's historical archives forever.