Expert Panels

About the Academy's Expert Panels

Expert panels represent the working groups of the Academy. The expert panel structure allows the Academy to have a forum where Fellows with expertise in certain areas can meet. The primary goal of the expert panels is to further the mission of the Academy.

Expert panels review the current research and needs within their field to make recommendations on projects or initiatives the Academy should undertake to transform health care policy and practice.

The expert panels are intended to provide a flexible approach in order to address emerging issues within the nursing profession and the health of the public.

The primary goals of this work are to

  • explore of trends and issues important to health care delivery and policy;
  • recommend actions to the board of directors and the Fellowship;
  • provide expert opinion on issues critical to the provision of health care and the well-being of the American people;
  • support the mission and strategic priorities of the Academy and Board designated priorities; and,
  • prepare Board approved and/or requested products and documents that reflect the synthesis of philosophic and scientific knowledge aligned with the strategic directions of the Academy, producing tangible outcomes.

Academy Jonas Policy Scholars:

The six newly appointed Academy Jonas Policy Scholars will provide support to expert panel chairs in advancing the work of the expert panel to inform and shape policy and improve the health of the public.

Expert Panel Resources:

Commitment to Serve on an Expert Panel Form
Expert Panel Guidelines (3.24.15)
Expert Panel Co-Chairs Roster (8.13.15)
Developing a Policy Brief (Video Webinar)

Learn more about each of the expert panel's work: 

Acute and Critical Care
Breast Feeding
Building Health Care System Excellence
Child, Adolescent & Family

Cultural Competence & Health Equity
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Environmental & Public Health
Genetic Health Care
Global Nursing and Health
Health Behavior
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Health
Maternal & Infant Health
Military & Veterans Health
Nursing & History
Nursing Informatics & Technology
Nursing Theory-Guided Practice
Palliative & End-of-Life Care
Primary Care
Psychiatric, Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Quality Health Care
Women's Health