Nurse Leader Award in Aging

2015 American Academy of Nursing &
John A. Hartford Foundation
Nurse Leader in Aging Award

Previously Recognized Leaders

2014 Jean Wyman
2013 Elizabeth Capezuti
2011 Marilyn Rantz
2010 Terri Fulmer
2009 Barbara Resnick
2008 May L. Wykle
2007 Virgene Schmit Kayser-Jones

In recognition of the critical importance of gerontological nursing in meeting the health and health care needs of the US population, the American Academy of Nursing (AAN), in partnership with the John A. Hartford Foundation, established the American Academy of Nursing & John A. Hartford Foundation Nurse Leader Award in Aging in 2006. The award’s focus on leadership is broadly defined and includes the full spectrum of gerontological nursing including health care, research, education, politics and public service. The award is designed to recognize leadership and significant achievements, contributions, productivity, competence and mentorship in the field of aging.

Accomplishments cited in support of the nomination must address the magnitude of the nominee's unique influence on aging and gerontological nursing. The award winner must demonstrate superlative work that advances new areas of knowledge and changes how a problem in aging is understood. The award winner is a leader who advances the field of gerontological nursing and its stature through his or her accomplishments, leadership, and advocacy efforts.

Award Eligibility

The award is open to individuals who hold or have retired from positions of leadership in gerontological nursing including health care, research, education, politics, and public service. The awardee need not be an Academy fellow.


  1. A completed online nomination form, two support letters, and a summary of the nominee’s current CV must be submitted by September 4, 2015 (deadline extended).
  2. The nomination form shall be completed by a fellow of the Academy in good standing.
  3. One of the two required support letters shall be submitted by the nominator. At least one of the two letters must be from a current member of the Academy's Aging Expert Panel. Please contact the expert panel's co-chairs for the current membership roster.
  4. Support letters should be no more than two pages in length, using 12-point font. The letters must document and describe the nominee's
     - achievements and contributions in aging;
     - productivity in aging and gerontological nursing;
     - demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following: practice of caring for older adults,
       aging research, policy benefiting older adults and/or gerontological nursing education; and
     - successful mentorship of future generations of gerontological nurses.
     - each nominee must agree, if selected, to attend the American Academy of Nursing conference to receive
     - the award and also to serve as a member of the following year’s selection committee.
  5. Curriculum vitae summary should be current and no more than five pages, using 12-point font.

Only one award will be presented annually. If no nominee meets the criteria in a given year, no award will be given.

Nominate an individual for the 2015 Nurse Leader Award in Aging