Academy Jonas Policy Scholars


The Jonas Policy Scholars Program is a new initiative of the American Academy of Nursing to recruit highly qualified doctoral and post-doctoral nursing students for a two-year fellowship experience with the Academy for the purposes of:

1. Creating a pipeline of early-career nursing scholars who will contribute to shaping practice, education, and research policy relevant to nursing and the work of the American Academy of Nursing
2. Providing a mechanism for Academy expert panel leaders to mentor early-career policy scholars on key policy issues relevant to the panel’s area of focus and strategies for shaping those policies
3. Providing support to expert panel chairs in advancing the work of the expert panel to inform and shape policy and improve the health of the public

Expert panels represent the working groups of the American Academy of Nursing. They review current research and needs within their fields to make recommendations on projects or initiatives the Academy should undertake to transform health policy and practice.

The American Academy of Nursing Jonas Policy Scholar program is generously supported by the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare.


"I am learning not only about the application of the unique knowledge of this amazing group of nurse leaders to useful policy purposes, but I am learning how such a respected group of scholars navigates the teamwork and collaboration. It is an honor to be included in the Expert Panel calls and the Expert Panel's Leadership Circle calls."
-Laura Brennaman, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar


“What an honor to serve as a Policy Scholar for the Quality Health Expert Panel!  I’m currently working with my panel’s co-chairs to harness our panel members’ intelligence and passion around the Quality agenda.  I’m gaining an incredible appreciation for how the Academy influences U.S. healthcare policy through key relationships and strategic communication.”
-Joan Ching, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar

"To be chosen as the American Academy of Nursing Jonas Policy Scholar for the Cultural Competence and Health Equity Expert Panel is a great honor and a privilege! It has given me the opportunity to learn and experience first-hand how the work of the Expert Panel and the Academy inform and shape health policy. Also, it has given me the wonderful opportunity to work with nursing leaders and trailblazers!" 
-Emerson Ea, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar


"Providing human milk and breastfeeding are among the leading national public health concerns.  I am honored to be selected as the American  Academy of Nursing Jonas Health Policy Scholar for the Expert Panel on Breastfeeding.  It is a privilege to learn from and participate in the work of national leaders dedicated to the innovation, research, education and development of policy regarding the use of human milk and breastfeeding."
-Sunny Hallowell, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar


"I am honored to have been selected as an Academy Jonas Policy Scholar for the Military and Veterans Health Expert Panel.  The mentorship I have received from the expert panel leaders has been phenomenal!  Being part of a group that has the ability to influence, inform, and shape policy in regards to improving the health of our military and veteran population as well as our military families is invaluable.  In addition, the guidance and mentorship from the Jonas Policy Scholar Advisory Board has provided us with an opportunity to collaborate with other Policy Scholars as well as learn more about the role of the Academy in regards to transforming health policy.  Thanks to both the Academy and the Jonas Foundation for this amazing opportunity!!"
-Alicia Rossiter, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar


"The Jonas Health Policy Scholar program offers a great opportunity to learn about the American Academy of Nursing from the inside, to meet national nursing leaders, and to develop skills to advance health policy. It is a great career building experience!"
-Kathy Simmonds, 2014 Academy Jonas Policy Scholar




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