Academy Initiatives

There is no one solution to today's health challenges our nation faces, but the American Academy of Nursing has many unique, timely solutions that have proven track records of success. Solutions that warrant the attention of policy makers; solutions that are centered around nursing; and, most importantly, solutions that the Academy is ready to share.

Raise the Voice

Raise the Voice is a platform for the nursing community to press for new thinking in the health debate. The initiative helps the Academy take its call for change to Congress, the administration, the medical community and every other group engaged in that debate. As part of Raise the Voice, the Academy is showcasing nurse Edge Runners—the practical innovators who have led the way in bringing new thinking and new methods to a wide range of health care challenges. Critical Conversations are another platform to inform policymakers, the media, health providers and consumers about nurse-driven solutions based on nursing research evidence for an ailing health system.

Expert Panels

The Academy’s expert panels further the mission of the Academy by reviewing the current research and needs within their field and making recommendations on projects or initiatives that the Academy should undertake to transform health  policy and practice.

The six newly appointed Academy Jonas Policy Scholars will provide support to expert panel chairs in advancing the work of the expert panel to inform and shape policy and improve the health of the public.

Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

The Council, an open membership entity of the Academy, acts as a strong voice for nursing science at national and international levels by developing, conducting, and utilizing nursing science to disseminate research findings across individuals and groups in scientific and lay communities. The Council also facilitates life-long learning opportunities for nurse scientists.

Awards & Scholarships

The Academy celebrates and highlights the contribution of nurse leaders and supporters with several awards American Academy of Nursing & John A. Hartford Foundation Nurse Leader in Aging AwardIOM Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence Program, and Johnson & Johnson Excellence in Media Award.

Strategic Partnerships

The Academy joins with strategic partners to address the broad range of factors that affect the health of populations.

Have You Ever Served in the Military?

Have You Ever Served in the Military? is a new awareness campaign to improve the health of veterans. Have You Ever Served in the Military? encourages healthcare providers to ask about their patients’ military background.

Nurse Leaders

All fellows have a duty to serve and improve the health of their community and country. Many Academy fellows have been appointed or elected to serve governments and organizations at the national and local levels.