Smoke-Free Environments

Smoke-Free Environments

Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of illness and early deaths in the US and worldwide. In the US, cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke is responsible for 443,000 deaths or one in five of all deaths each year. Nurses care for the 8.6 million suffering from serious tobacco-related illnesses. Nurses, the largest group of healthcare professionals worldwide, are ready to lead the way to a tobacco-free world. The American Academy of Nursing affirms its commitment to nursing involvement in the prevention of tobacco-related disease and treatment of tobacco dependence.

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Resources to Help Support Smoke Free Campus Efforts

Tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke is a leading cause of preventable death. College campuses provide an opportunity for smoke/tobacco-free environment and over 1,000 college campuses have gone smoke-free. Nursing students are valued as future role models of health and nursing students and faculty deserve a healthy place to live, learn, and teach. The American Academy of Nursing passed a resolution “Resolution: Smoke-Free Campus Polices for Schools of Nursing and College Campuses” May 29, 2013. Following is the a listing of resources developed by the Tobacco Control Subgroup of the Health Behavior Expert Panel to help Schools of Nursing in their efforts to become smoke/tobacco-free.

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