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The Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund

The American Academy of Nursing is pleased to announce the Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund. The Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund honors Dr. Rheba de Tornyay a Living Legend and Founding Fellow of the Academy, as well as its first board president.

Rheba de Tornyay was dean of the University of Washington School of Nursing and dedicated her life to promoting research, training, and services for the healthy aging of adults while advancing the nursing profession. Working closely with the University of Washington, Rheba opened The de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging, which “serves as a catalyst for promoting healthy aging through its support of research and education in the field of gerontology” according to de Tornyay. Under de Tornyay's leadership, The University of Washington established a doctoral degree in nursing science in 1978. Dr. de Tornyay also brought to fruition a satellite nursing education program, the first sleep lab in a school of nursing in the country, and established Continuing Nursing Education as a separate division within the school.

Rheba de Tornyay dedicated her life to promoting research, training, and services for the healthy aging of adults while advancing the nursing profession. The Academy can think of no better way to honor her legacy. Donate to the Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund 

What Your Donations Support

While this development fund elevates and supports a variety of the Academy's initiatives, including the Distinguished Nurse Scholar in Residence program, Raise the Voice, strategic partnerships, and expert panel discussions, each dollar raised directly supports the Academy's mission of transforming health policy and practice through nursing knowledge. 

The Distinguished Nurse Scholar in Residence Program provides a yearlong leadership opportunity in health policy at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Sciences. It is designed as an immersion experience to facilitate leaders engaging in a prominent role in health policy development at the national level and their interaction with other health fellows and scholars.

Raise the Voice is the platform for the nursing community to advocate for new thinking in the health debate. Through the Academy's stories of nurse Edge Runners, Raise the Voice tells a powerful story: how nurses are creating new, transformational options that help people stay healthy and cope better with illness.

Strategic partnerships have been enhanced with key groups across the broader health community. These partnerships include the Institute of Medicine (IOM) through our presence on the Best Practices and Innovation Collaborative, the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education, and the Translating Genomic Based Research for Health; the National eHealth Collaborative; the National Quality Forum; Advancing Excellence in Long-term Care Collaboration; the Eldercare Workforce Alliance; the Executive Committee for the Forum for HIV Collaborative Research; and the United States Breastfeeding Committee.

Expert Panels represent the working groups of the Academy that consist of Fellows with expertise in areas of relevance to policy and practice. Expert Panel Fellows utilize their critical knowledge, analytical skills, and networks to review the current research and issues within their field to take action as appropriate in addressing key issues Expert Panels ultimately make recommendations on projects or initiatives that the Academy should undertake to transform health policy and practice.

How to Donate

Gifts are accepted both online and by mail. 

Donate to the Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund

Due to the high cost of processing credit cards, a payment made by check or money order allows for the entire value of your gift to be utilized by the Academy.

Gifts can be sent to

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Your generosity allows the Academy to build upon opportunities that may not otherwise be funded. The American Academy of Nursing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all contributions are tax-deductible. As with any tax-deductible contribution, please consult your tax advisor.

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