Committees & Task Forces

Audit Committee

The audit committee is appointed annually by the board of directors. The committee recommends the auditor to the board, accepts the audit from the auditor, reviews the audit, and transmits the written audit committee report to the board.

Audit Committee Members

Care Coordination Task Force

The care coordination task force is charged with defining care coordination as a response to patient needs, identifying preferred measures of effectiveness and quality, outlining nursing’s long history with and competency in care coordination, identifying cost effective and innovative care models, and proposing key recommendations for stakeholders to consider when developing public and private policies for care coordination.

Care Coordination Task Force Members

Diversity and Inclusivity Committee

The diversity and inclusivity committee ensures that the fellowship and leaders reflect the increasingly diverse society in which the fellows serve and the broad scope or contributions of leaders across nursing; that there are sufficient opportunities for engaging all fellows in the work of the Academy; and that the Academy’s policies and practices are aligned to achieve these goals.

Diversity and Inclusivity Committee Members

Executive Committee

The executive committee is elected by the fellowship and has the authority to act and make decisions on time-sensitive matters between board of directors meetings.

Executive Committee Members

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall conduct fact finding in response to a reported ethical infraction by a Fellow, including reviewing evidence of the infraction and the response from the accused Fellow; and making a report to the President regarding the infraction for further action.

Ethics Committee Members

Fellow Selection Committee

The fellow selection committee disseminates information to potential candidates and sponsors regarding procedure and qualifications; reviews applications and selects new fellows in accordance with the Academy bylaws; and reviews the application forms, selection criteria, and selection procedures and recommends changes to the board of directors.

Fellow Selection Committee Members

Finance Committee

The finance committee is appointed annually by the board of directors. The committee prepares an annual budget for the Academy for review and approval by the board of directors and advises the board on priorities to be observed in the use of Academy resources.

Finance Committee Members

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is elected by the fellowship. The committee is a critical resource in identifying and recruiting members for the board of directors, fellow selection committee, and nominating committee and cultivating officers for the board.

Nominating Committee Members

Policy Conference Planning Committee

The planning committee guides the direction and sets the agenda of the annual policy conference.

Planning Committee Members

Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund Committee

The Rheba de Tornyay Development Fund Committee encourages private gift support throughout the year to meet the strategic and financial goals of the Academy. The working relationship is enhanced between the board of directors and the fellows of the American Academy of Nursing for the purpose of providing an environment for effective fundraising.

Development Committee Members