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The American Academy of Nursing is an organization of distinguished leaders in nursing who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession and to health care. The Academy, established in 1973, provides visionary leadership to the nursing profession and the public in shaping future health policy, advancing scientific knowledge, and influencing the development of effective health care policies and practices. Academy Fellows are recognized nationally and internationally as nursing leaders in education, management, practice and research.

Employment Postings, External Events, and FAAN Mail Advertisements

The Academy accepts employment advertisements and external event announcements from both fellows and the public. Prior to publication, all advertisements will be reviewed and approved by the Academy staff for appropriateness of content and follows the specifications outlined belowAdvertisements should align with the Academy's mission. After receipt of purchase is received, the advertisement will be posted online within five business days or in the appropriate e-newsletter. Job postings should be submitted with reference to the order number in Word or text format to the Academy

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Academy Site Advertisement Specifications:

  • Should be 500 or fewer total words in length.
  • Includes relevant contact information and submission deadlines.
  • Optional: May include one relevant photo or logo.
  • Advertisements will be posted with five business days, unless requested to delay posting.

FAAN Mail Advertisement Specifications:


FAAN Mail Schedule

  • Should be 500 or fewer characters (including spaces) in length.
  • Final advertisement is due two business days prior to the publication date. 
  • Advertisements will appear as a headline in the career opportunities or announcements section of FAAN Mail that links to your full announcement or ad. Please review past issues.
  • FAAN Mail is sent to approximately 2,000 Fellows.
  • Advertisements will appear in the next available edition of FAAN Mail, unless requested to post in a later edition.
  FAAN Mail is typically sent out on the 15th and last day of each month; unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, then the mid-month edition will be sent the next available business day and the end-of-month editions are sent the prior business day.

2014 FAAN Mail Schedule
Jan 15 Jul 15
Jan 31 Jul 31
Feb 17 Aug 15
Feb 28 Aug 29
Mar 17 Sep 15
Mar 31 Sep 30
Apr 15 Oct 13
Apr 30 Oct 31
May 15 Nov 17
May 30 Nov 26
Jun 16 Dec 15
Jun 30 Dec 30

Advertisement Pricing Options:

Please note we've simplified and added more options to promote your advertisement!

Academy Website Only Pricing   
30 Days $300 Longer posting means more
candidates will see your ad.
60 Days $500 (Save $100)
90 Days $600 (Save $300)
FAAN Mail Only Pricing
One Issue $500
Two Issues $800 (Save $200)

Payment Methods:

The Academy's preferred method of payment is by check. A convenience fee is assessed for payment by other means. Please note, advertisements will not be posted until the check has been received. The Academy accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover; at this time, the Academy does not accept American Express.

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Mailing List Instructions

Currently, 1,335 fellows have chosen to be included in our mailing list. This mailing list is updated twice a year, in May & November.

The mailing list uses the preferred mailing address of the fellow, which may be either a business or a home address. We do NOT provide e-mail addresses.

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Mailing List Specifications:

  • Please forward the document you will be mailing by e-mail (please reference the order number found on your receipt) to The Academy will review and approve a sample of all mailing pieces prior to providing the mailing list.
  • The Academy mailing list is sent as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The Academy mailing list is to be used one time only.
  • The Academy mailing list is to be used apolitically, in good taste, and not for the solicitation of funds.
  • The Academy mailing list is sent within two weeks of receipt of the order.
  • Any Academy mailing list order may be cancelled and fully refunded provided the request to cancel is sent PRIOR to the emailing of the full list. Please e-mail the request to cancel to
  • Academy mailing list orders must be prepaid.

Mailing List Price:

  • $500 per use


Please contact Jocelyn Cunic.