Nomination Process

Nominations for 2023 Leadership Positions

2023 Nominations are now closed.

The American Academy of Nursing will hold an election this year for the following volunteer leadership positions:

 2023 Leadership Position Descriptions

President-Elect (1 to be elected, 2-year term before assuming Presidency)
(1 to be elected, 2-year term)
Board Members (3 to be elected, 2-year term)
Fellow Selection Committee (2 to be elected, 2-year term)
Nominating Committee (3 to be elected, 2-year term)

Key Dates & Criteria

  • Current Academy Fellows may self-nominate or nominate Fellows in good standing to be considered for the ballot.
  • Nominations must be submitted by April 20, 2023 online in order to be considered by the committee for a leadership position.
  • Fellows that have self-nominated or have been nominated by another Fellow will be required to complete a Nominee Questionnaire Form which will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee in order to finalize the 2023 slate of candidates. The Nominee Questionnaire is due by April 24, 2023.
    • Not all nominees will be slated for the ballot.
  • Nominees will be notified regarding if they have been slated or not by late May.
  • The 2023 Election Ballot will be sent to Fellows in good standing in July.