Living Legends Selection Process

The Academy recognizes a small group of Fellows as Living Legends in honor of their extraordinary contributions to the nursing profession, sustained over the course of their careers, that continues to have a positive impact.


  1. A Living Legend must be a Fellow in good standing and a member of the Academy for at least 15 years.
  2. They must be sponsored by three (3) Regular or Emeritus Fellows in good standing.
  3. A sponsor may only nominate ONE applicant as a Living Legend per year.
    • Academy Board Members, Living Legend Task Force members, and Honorary Fellows are not eligible to serve as sponsors.
  4. The nominee must consent to be nominated.
  5. Nominations should address the following:
    1. Describe the extraordinary and sustained contribution of the nominee as an exemplar and changemaker in nursing history;
    2. Share examples of how the nominee or nominee's work will have a positive, enduring impact on improving health policy, promoting social justice, and/or advancing health equity through their body of work to champion nursing and health care.

Nomination and Sponsorship Requirements

  1. Completed nomination form (please note that the form will be available in Spring 2024)
  2. Three (3) support letters, one from each sponsor (co-signatory is not permitted), addressing the criteria for the Living Legend nominee, must be included from each of the three sponsors in good standing.
  3. A condensed biosketch or CV (may not to exceed five pages) of the nominee should be uploaded via the online submission form.
  4. A $475 nomination fee is required. (The Academy can only process the Living Legends Nomination fee payment from one sponsor. An invoice will be emailed to the sponsor indicated in the "Bill to" field on the submission form. Payments by check must be postmarked by the nomination due date.)

Please note, addendums, attachments, or additional materials are not permitted and will not be accepted or reviewed if submitted. Only the nomination form, three (3) support letters (not to exceed 3 pages per support letter), and a condensed biosketch or CV (not to exceed five pages) should be submitted and will be reviewed.

How to Submit a Nomination:

Application and all materials must be submitted online by the 2024 deadline (which has not yet been set).


Email Claire Holland, Member Engagement Manager, at


Each nominee will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated sustained contribution of the nominee as an exemplar and changemaker in nursing history;
  2. The positive, enduring impact of their previously described body of work on improving health policy, promoting social justice, and/or advancing health equity to champion nursing and health care.

Please note, Living Legend nominees who were not selected in prior years may be nominated again for consideration.

Important Information for Selected Honorees and Sponsors

  • Selected honorees agree to provide a biographical statement (500 words) and high-resolution electronic photo for inclusion in the Living Legends ceremony and program.
  • Honorees will receive complimentary registration for the annual policy conference at which they are being recognized.
  • Honorees will be introduced at the Living Legends ceremony, tentatively scheduled for November 1, 2024.*
  • Honorees will be presented with a recognition gift from the Academy.
  • Honorees will no longer be required to pay annual dues and receive lifetime benefits of Fellowship. They will be designated as "Living Legend" status.
  • Sponsors of selected honorees agree to participate in the Academy's policy conference and recognition events for the Living Legends, which may include a pre-recorded interview to highlight the honoree’s accomplishments.

*Policy Conference Format
The Academy will host an in-person conference in Washington, DC on October 31 - November 2, 2024 at the Marriott Marquis hotel.