Honorary Fellow Selection Process

The Academy recognizes a small group of individuals as Honorary Fellows, to celebrate their extraordinary contributions to nursing and healthcare. Selected by the Academy's Board of Directors, Honorary Fellowship is granted to outstanding applicants who would not qualify for membership as a Regular Fellow.
Their privileges and responsibilities are detailed in the Academy Bylaws.


  1. A nominee for Honorary Fellow is not eligible for membership as a regular Fellow (i.e. is not a nurse)*;
  2. They must be sponsored by three (3) Regular or Emeritus Fellows in good standing; (Academy Board members are not eligible to sponsor Honorary Fellows).
  3. The individual must consent to be nominated;
  4. Nomination forms must be completed by the deadline, May 5, 2023; and
  5. Nominations should address the following:
    • Describe the extraordinary and sustained contribution(s) of the nominee to nursing and health care; and
    • Provide evidence of the positive and ongoing impact of their work in influencing nursing and health care.

* The nominee must not be currently or previously licensed to practice as a registered nurse.

Nomination Process

A complete nomination form should contain:

  • Completed sponsor statements from THREE Fellows knowledgeable of the nominee’s extraordinary and sustained contributions to nursing and health throughout their career. Fellows may sponsor a total of two Fellows, in a combination of regular and/or Honorary Fellow candidates.
  • Material evidence of positive impact (two-item limit; Portfolios are not accepted, not to exceed 25 pages.)

How to Submit a Nomination:

This form and nomination fee must be submitted by May 5, 2023. Please note only ONE sponsor should submit the nomination form on behalf of all three sponsors. However, each sponsor should draft their individual statement as noted above. The completed PDF form, as well as the documents demonstrating evidence (no more than 2), must be emailed to Claire Holland at .

Submit a Nomination

There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $375 per nomination. Please click here to complete payment. Electronic payments must be made at the time of application submission. If paying by check, it must be postmarked prior to the application deadline of May 5, 2023. Please note that the Academy can only accept full payment from one Sponsor on behalf of the group. The Academy cannot process multiple payments for the Nomination fee.

Important Information for Selected Honorary Fellows

Selected honorees agree to provide a biographical statement (500 words) and high-resolution electronic photo for inclusion in the induction ceremony and program.

Honorees will receive complimentary registration and be introduced during the Academy’s annual policy conference on October 5-7, 2023.*

*Policy Conference Format
The Academy will host an in-person conference in Washington, DC on October 5-7, 2023 at the Marriott Marquis hotel.

Evaluation Guidelines

Board members will be asked to evaluate nominees on the following factors:

  1. Demonstrated extraordinary and sustained contributions to nursing and health care throughout their career;
  2. Clear evidence of the positive impact of their previously described work in influencing nursing and health care.

A nominee for Honorary Fellowship may be nominated again in succeeding years if not accepted in a previous year.

Fellows may sponsor a total of two Fellows, in a combination of regular and/or Honorary Fellow candidates.

Email Claire Holland, Member Engagement Manager, at