Frequently Asked Questions

For Applicants

Can someone from outside my institution or state sponsor me? 
Yes. The Academy encourages candidates to seek sponsors who will provide strong support for the applicant’s admission into the Academy. Whether or not they are from the applicant’s institution or state is not considered.

How do I locate two sponsors to support my application?
It is advised that applicants search within their network as well as the Directory or Expert Panel members within their expertise to connect with potential Sponsors. Additionally, many members of the Academy's Committees, such as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, are active Fellows that would be willing to support potential applicants. Please note, Academy staff is unable to directly match applicants with potential sponsors. Please contact Claire Holland, Member Engagement Coordinator, with questions.

If I applied in a previous year but was denied admission, will this affect my chances of admission? 
No. The Fellow Selection Committee will evaluate your candidacy based on the application materials submitted for the current year and nothing else. Whether you have applied in previous years is not discussed and will not affect the decision of the committee.

Is there a quota for the number of new Fellows admitted? 
No. Candidates are evaluated based on the criteria for admission and not in comparison to the pool of applicants for that year.

When can I expect to receive notification from the Academy of admission or denial? 
Notifications will be sent in late June/early July. 

May I submit supporting materials such as books or articles?
The Academy no longer accepts supplemental materials to the application. Please do not send books or articles; the application is designed to stand alone.

Should the application be submitted by the candidate or one of the sponsors?
The candidate should submit the application and all materials together online. Please note that confirmation emails will be sent to the email provided on the online submission form.

Is my application submission confidential?
Yes, your application submission is confidential. Only Academy staff and members of the Fellow Selection Committee have access to your application.

For Sponsors

I am a Fellow can I sponsor more than one candidate?
Yes. As a Fellow in good standing you may sponsor a total of two Fellows. These may include the combination of regular or Honorary candidates.

I am an Emeritus Fellow, can I still sponsor a candidate?
Yes, Emeritus Fellows in good standing are eligible to sponsor two candidates per year (the same as Fellows).

I am a Living Legend, can I still sponsor a candidate?
Yes, Living Legends are eligible to sponsor two candidates per year (the same as Fellows).

I am an Honorary Fellow, may I sponsor a candidate?
No, according to the Academy's bylaws Honorary Fellows are not eligible to sponsor a candidate but may assist in an advisory capacity.

I am the primary sponsor for a candidate; may I also be the secondary sponsor for a second candidate?
Yes. The Fellow Selection Committee does not distinguish between primary or secondary sponsors. Academy Fellows in good standing may sponsor a total of two candidates per calendar year, whether they are listed as a first or second sponsor on the application.

Technical Questions

Should I submit my application materials together or separately?
The Academy is using a new online application portal. All application materials must be submitted together within the portal (CV information, applicant questions, sponsor statements). Please refer to the application guide & instructions for more details.

How will I know if you received my application?
Confirmation emails will be sent to the email from which the application was received unless otherwise noted. Payment processing may take up to 2 weeks for checks received.

If you have additional questions not addressed here, please contact us at or 202.777.1170.