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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Statement

The American Academy of Nursing (Academy) envisions “Healthy Lives for All People.” The Academy works toward this vision through its mission, which is to “Improve health and achieve health equity by impacting policy through nursing leadership, innovation, and science.” As leaders in advancing health policy to promote health for all populations, the Academy is committed to integrating its core values of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of our organization’s performance. These values form the foundation as we strive for an anti-racist agenda and continually work towards eliminating all forms of discrimination. To accomplish this effectively, the Academy must foster diversity among the Fellowship, and promote inclusivity in our efforts. To the Academy, equity is assuring the right conditions for all people to thrive and achieve their full potential. The Academy defines diversity as affirming all the ways in which people differ. Inclusivity, as defined by the Academy, refers to the welcoming and active engagement of all voices within every aspect of the organization and with an intentional emphasis on acknowledging those who experience or have experienced marginalization or disenfranchisement.

To achieve equity, diversity, and inclusivity, the Academy will:

  1. Provide access and information to its Fellows, stakeholders, and potential applicants so they may support the organization's work;
  2. Have a Fellowship and leaders who reflect the increasingly diverse society we serve and the broad scope of contributions of leaders across nursing;
  3. Offer opportunities that engage all Fellows in the work of the Academy; and
  4. Develop and align policies and practices to achieve these goals.

The Academy is charged with advancing and operationalizing equity, diversity, and inclusivity in its functions and outcomes. In furthering equity, diversity, and inclusivity, the Academy will intentionally work towards dismantling structural and institutional racism to promote social justice and the vision of the Academy: healthy lives for all people.

Adopted by the Board of Directors September 2021.
Published October 2021.

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