Charter Day

Celebrating the American Academy of Nursing's Charter Fellows

The American Academy of Nursing was launched 50 years ago on April 24, 1973, and continues to recognize nurses who make extraordinary contributions to improve health locally and globally through the generation, synthesis, and dissemination of nursing knowledge. Our Charter Fellows saw a need for an organization that recognized and convened thought leaders to discuss policy.

American Academy of Nursing Charter Fellows

  • Faye G. Abdellah
    Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service
  • Rose M. Chioni
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin School of Nursing
  • Rheba de Tornyay
    Dean, University of California at Los Angeles School of Nursing
  • Rhetaugh G. Dumas
    Chief, Nursing Branch, Division of Manpower and Training Programs, National Institute of Mental Health
  • Fernando A. Duran
    Coordinator of Continued Care, Northeast Kingdom Mental Health Clinic (Newport, VT)
  • Ellen C. Egan
    Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing
  • Geraldine Felton
    Lieutenant Colonel, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Washington, DC)
  • Loretta C. Ford
    Dean, University of Rochester (NY)
  • Athleen B. Godfrey
    Early Childhood Development Specialist, Utah State Division of Health
  • Dorothy Gregg
    Chairman, Department of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, University of Colorado School of Nursing
  • Winifred H. Griffin
    Nursing Consultant, Gulfport, FL
  • Jeanette Grosicki
    Director of Continuing Education and Professor, Arkansas RMP and State College of Arkansas
  • Anne G. Hargreaves
    Executive Director of Nursing, City of Boston
  • Elizabeth Catherine Harkins
    Dean, University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing
  • Jean Hayter
    Professor, University of Kentucky College of Nursing
  • Margaret J. Heins
    Director, St. Mary's Memorial Hospital School of Nursing (Knoxville, TN)
  • Katherine J. Hoffman
    Assistant Vice-President for Health Affairs, University of Washington
  • Mary Ann Lavin
    Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University
  • Myra E. Levine
    Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
  • Eloise R. Lewis
    Dean, University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Nursing
  • Nancy A. Lytle
    Professor, Director of Maternity and Gynecologic Nursing, Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals of Cleveland Ohio
  • Gaynelle McKinney
    Assistant Dean, West Virginia University School of Nursing
  • Dorothy J. Novello
    Chairman, Division of Nursing, Villa Maria College (Erie, PA)
  • Marjorie E. Sanderson
    Dean, University of South Carolina College of Nursing
  • Barbara G. Schutt
    Contributing Editor, American Journal of Nursing
  • Doris R. Schwartz
    Associate Professor of Nursing (Public Health), Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing
  • Joelyn Scriba
    Chairman, Jamestown College Department of Nursing (North Dakota)
  • Lorraine D. Singer
    Acting Director, Graduate Program, University of Oklahoma Health Services Center College of Nursing
  • Shirley A. Smoyak
    Director, Graduate Program in Advanced Psychiatric Nursing, Rutgers, the State University (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • Frances J. Storlie
    Clinical Specialist, Cardiovascular Nursing, Emmanuel Hospital (Portland, OR)
  • Gayle A. Traver
    Instructor in Internal Medicine, University of Arizona College of Nursing
  • Phyllis J. Verhonick
    Director of Research, University of Virginia School of Nursing
  • Harriet H. Werley
    Director, Center for Health Research, Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
  • Mary M. Williams
    Dean, Lurleen B. Wallace School of Nursing, Alabama State University (now known as Jacksonville State University)
  • Marilyn D. Willman
    President, University of Texas School of Nursing
  • Mary F. Woody
    Director of Nursing, Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta, GA)