Dr. Roger Watson, PhD, RN, FSB, FRCN, FAAN

Professor of Nursing,
University of Hull UK
Professor of Nursing,
University of Hull UK

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University of Hull UK


• Over 20 years experience as an academic (over 10 at Professorial level);
• Nearly 20 years experience in academic publishing, most recently as Editor-in-Chief;
• Research project leadership;
• Over 400 publications: books, papers and articles;
• Wide international experience (Far East, USA, Australia and Europe).

• To take my journal to number one slot in world rankings;
• Take my school to top 10 of UK research rankings;
• Maintain Diamond Card flyer status with Cathay Pacific;
• Run 5k in < 21 mins
• Run 10k in < 45 mins
• Run half-marathon in < 1:45
• Run a marathon

Specialties: Survey design; questionnaire design; quantitative analayis; Mokken scaling analysis; writing for publication; research quality assessment; online teaching