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Nurse Scholars

2013 - Beatrice Kalisch
   PhD, RN, FAAN

2012 - Marla E. Salmon

2010 - Pamela F. Cipriano
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2009 - Julie A. Fairman
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2008 - Mary E. Evans
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2007 - Carolyn Williams
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2006 - Ada Sue Hinshaw
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2005 - Jacquelyn C. Campbell
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2004 - Veronica D. Feeg
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2003 - Angela Barron McBride
             PhD, RN, FAAN

2002 - Bonnie M. Jennings
             DNSc, RN FAAN 

Distinguished IOM Nurse
Scholar-in-Residence Program

Sponsored by the American Academy of Nursing, American Nurses Foundation, and the American Nurses Association


The Distinguished Institute of Medicine (IOM) Nurse Scholar-in-Residence program provides a year-long residential leadership opportunity in health policy in Washington, DC. It is designed as an immersion experience to facilitate engaging nurse leaders in a prominent role in health policy development at the national level as well as their interaction with other health fellows and scholars. The American Academy of Nursing (Academy), the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) and the American Nurses Association (ANA), in partnership with the IOM, support this program.

CRITERIA: Nurse scholars and nurse policy experts are encouraged to apply upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Membership in the Academy required and in the IOM preferred.
  • Congruence of health policy interest with the priorities of IOM and the Academy (see
  • Personal potential for future contributions to health policy.
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Notable record of professional achievements that apply to Scholar’s proposed project area.
  • Understanding of the importance of networking within the health policy community, identifying opportunities for nurse-leader engagement, and communication of those interactions and opportunities to sponsors.

The major project while a scholar in the program must include

  • A self-initiated study with policy consequences that builds on a current IOM initiative.
  • Direct interaction with Academy, ANA and ANF staff and volunteers.

Direct support for scholars includes

  • An annual stipend of $90,000 (plus up to $5,000 for related expenses).
  • Provision of an office at IOM with appropriate supports (e.g., computer, phone, access to a printer, access to software programs and library resources).
  • An intensive two-month orientation in federal health policy formation coordinated by IOM.


  • Participation in IOM activities and work  (e.g., recommending nurses for IOM committees or projects, conducting brown-bag discussions).
  • A minimum of one policy-oriented paper in chosen area of study to be submitted for refereed publication within six months of completion of scholarship, (e.g., as part of an IOM report or as an article in the Academy journal, Nursing Outlook or ANA’s Online Journal of Issues in Nursing).
  • Additional products such as providing testimony, participating in IOM workshops, sharing policy-related websites with other nurses through the pages of Nursing Outlook  or The American Nurse.
  • An invitation to the scholar’s final report at the IOM for Academy, ANF, and ANA leadership.
  • A report to the Academy, ANF and ANA boards of activities and accomplishments within 60 days of scholar in residence completion.


“The experience is important not only for the scholar but also as a uniquely powerful opportunity for nursing to help shape the future of health and health care in this country.” Marla E. Salmon

“This fellowship allowed me to formally pursue an area of interest not central to my academic research program…I would recommend it highly!” Nancy E. Reame

“I saw health care and health policy through the eyes of people outside the nursing profession. These perspectives, while disturbing at times, are critical to designing strategies that will better position nurses and nursing.” Bonnie M. Jennings

“As a scholar in residence, I had so many opportunities open to me, and learned so much about the research-policy link.” Angela Barron McBride

For a list of recent Scholars visit

Applicants must submit the following documents electronically to the American Academy of Nursing:

  1. A proposal (no more than five pages) describing how the applicant’s project dovetails with IOM initiatives and Academy, ANA or ANF priorities, specific goals for the experience that will address some identified gap in knowledge, actions that will be undertaken to achieve those goals, publishable outcome(s) to be expected by the end of the program, and a proposed time table for the plan of study.
  2. Current curriculum vitae or resume not to exceed ten pages
  3. A cover letter which should include
    • Information that complements the CV about the applicant’s interdisciplinary experiences, policy interests, and ability to complete the project and produce a policy-relevant paper.
    • A statement of full-time commitment to the program.
    • The names and addresses, including e-mail addresses, of two individuals who can speak to the applicant’s previous achievements, interdisciplinary and policy experiences, and ability to complete the project.

Complete applications should be sent electronically to the American Academy of Nursing by April 15, 2014 to Cheryl Sullivan at  

REVIEW/SELECTION PROCESS: A panel that includes the incumbent scholar (if available) and one previous policy nurse scholar (incumbent to chair), the Director of the IOM Scholars Program (or designee), and the presidents of the Academy, ANA, and ANF (or designees) will review the applications. Applicants may be interviewed in person or by telephone if clarification is needed regarding fit of program with IOM objectives.

The Scholar will be provided with a formal appointment letter and welcome and orientation package. 

The start of the one-year program is September 1, 2014.
Questions? Please contact Cheryl Sullivan at