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Transforming America’s Health System Through Nursing Solutions

Health care in America today is inaccessible to many, expensive for most and fragmented for all. Enabling the system to deliver the best possible care at an acceptable cost requires not just reformation but transformation – moving American health care away from its current hospital-based, acuity-oriented, physician-dependent paradigm toward a patient-centered, convenient, helpful and affordable system.

Edge Runner Spotlight

Deborah Gross, DNS, RN, FAAN

The Chicago Parent Program

Teaching Better Ways to Address Difficult Children’s Behavioral Problems
The Chicago Parent Program was created in partnership with African American and Latino parents from different economic backgrounds to help improve parenting skills and effectively manage young children’s difficult behaviors. This evidence-based program is designed to help parents tailor effective parenting strategies to their goals and values.

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A Nursing Life: Serving the Nation

An inspiring photojournalism project that is documented the work of six Raise the Voice: Edge Runners, the nurse innovators at the center of the Raise the Voice campaign.

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Applications support the innovative work of nurses and demonstrate the holistic and integrated philosophy underlying nursing care. 

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