NAM Nurse Scholar Supporters

President's Circle Members

$1,000 to $2,499

Ada Sue S. Hinshaw

Tribute Gifts

In Honor Of

  • Beth Bolick by James C. Edmonson
  • Billye Brown by Myrna Armstrong
  • Colleen Conway-Welch by Frances E. Likis
  • Karen Cox by Eileen M. Sporing
  • Mitzi Duxbury by Thomas Stenvig
  • Stephanie Ferguson by Diana J. Mason
  • Catherine Gilliss by Cheryl and Frank Sullivan
  • Denise Maguire by Victoria L. Rich
  • D. Jane Mass by Richard G. Cuming
  • Angela McBride by Cheryl and Frank Sullivan
  • Ellen Olshansky by Marilyn L. Flynn
  • Susan Perry by Victoria L. Rich
  • Gennaro Rocco by Dyanne D. Affonso
  • Ellen-Marie Whelan by James C. Edmonson
  • Judith Wold by Holly Ann Williams and Art Hansen

In Memory Of

  • Joyce C. Clifford by Kathleen A. Bower
  • Vernice Ferguson by Eileen Sullivan-Marx
  • Margaret Freda by Heidi Krowchuk
  • Katherine Wirth Heck by Juliann G. Sebastian
  • Jacqueline Hott by Beverly Whipple
  • Paul Mauro by Ann Marie and Tony Mauro
  • Bernard Pietronico by Ann Marie and Tony Mauro 
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