NAM Nurse Scholar Supporters

President's Circle Members

$1,000 to $2,499

Ada Sue S. Hinshaw

$100 to $249

Daniel B. Oerther
Karen Zander

Tribute Gifts

In Honor Of

  • Melissa Batchelor-Murphy by Janice Humphreys
  • Linda Beeber by Julee Waldrop
  • Bobbie Berkowitz by Pat Reid Ponte
  • Billye Brown by Fran Hicks
  • Kathleen A. Bower by Patricia M. Noga
  • Shirley Chater by Michael R. Bleich
  • Linda Cronenwett by Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation
  • Jennie De Gagne by Janice Humphreys
  • Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob by Elizabeth A. Schlenk
  • Joyce Fitzpatrick by Greer L. Glazer
  • Alice Kuramoto by Clara L. Adams-Ender
  • Elaine Larson by Bobbie Berkowitz
  • Mary Beth Makic by Cynthia Oster
  • Diana Mason by Dianne Cooney-Miner
  • Angela McBride by Cheryl and Frank Sullivan
  • Sandy Middleton by Anne Alexandrov
  • Ellen Olshansky by Marilyn L. Flynn
  • Sharon Pappas by Cynthia Oster
  • Sarah Raphel by Beth Bonham
  • Shannon Reedy Idzik by Janet D. Allan
  • Karen Schepp by Beth Bonham
  • Nancy Short by Janice Humphreys
  • Cheryl Sullivan by Frank Sullivan
  • Marita Titler by Elizabeth A. Schlenk
  • Kathryn Trotter by Janice Humphreys
  • University of Alabama, Capstone College of Nursing by Eileen Chasens
  • Joan M. Vitello-Cicciu by Patricia M. Noga
  • Nancy Woods by Ellen F. Olshansky
  • Nancy Woods by Frontier Nursing University
  • Nancy Woods by Diana Taylor
  • Connie Yarbro by The University of Alabama Birmingham, School of Nursing
  • Connie Yarbro by Oncology Nursing Society
  • Patricia Yoder-Wise by Karren E. Kowalski

In Memory Of

  • Faye Abdellah by Susan Orsega
  • Luther Christman by Maureen Shekleton
  • Vernice Ferguson by Eileen Sullivan-Marx
  • M. Louise Fitzpatrick by Judith E. Haber
  • M. Louise Fitzpatrick by Diane J. Mancino
  • Brian Green by Ramon Lavandero
  • Anna Miller Hopkins by Jennifer Matthews
  • Jane McDowell by Donna M. Fick
  • Cheryl Schmidt by Helen Klouzal 
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