EP Global Nursing and Health

EP Global Nursing and Health

Expert Panel on Global Nursing & Health

The Expert Panel on Global Nursing and Health identifies and explores issues and trends important to global nursing and health care delivery and policy, and provides expert opinion related to global nursing and health.

Inaugural Year: 1997

Lead Co-Chair:
Inge Corless, PhD, RN, FAAN
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Catherine Catrambone, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Professor
Rush University College of Nursing

Co-Chair Appointee:
Azita Emami, PhD, MSN, RNT, RN, FAAN
Dean, School of Nursing
University of Washington

Board Liaison: Paula Milone-Nuzzo, PhD, RN, FHHC, FAAN

​Previous Chairs: ​DeAnne Messias (2016-2017), ​Kathleen Capitulo (2015-2016), Lynn Callister (2009), Marianne Hattar (2009), Marlene M. Rosenkoetter (2003), Joan Uhl Pierce (1999-2001) 

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